Publishing Policy

Bulgarian Historical Review / Revue Bulgare d'Histoire is one of the most prestigious journals in the sphere of historical knowledge in Bulgaria. Focused on professionals from all over the world, it presents the results of studying the Bulgarian, regional and general history from Antiquity to the present day. Studies that offer new and significant historical knowledge; are generalizing and dedicated to the history of Bulgarians and Bulgaria in the context of the Balkan, European and world history in different chronological periods have priority in the selection of manuscripts for publication.

Discussions are one of the main highlights of the journal, as well as varied approaches and methods and contemporary views on the content, scope and development of the study of the historical process.

Over the years, the journal has maintained a number of headings such as: Articles, Scientific Communications, Sources, Historiography, Reviews and Reports, Jubilees, Scientific life. At present, due to the current requirements for scientific periodicals, the headings on the pages of Bulgarian Historical Review are as follows:

  • Articles / Scientific Communications: that rubric is for original and summarizing articles on the political, economic and cultural history of the Bulgarian lands in all ages from Antiquity to the present day. They reveal not only new moments from the Bulgarian past but also the relations of Bulgarians with other peoples over the centuries, the place and the role of Bulgaria in the development of human civilization. Research is also published on the history of more and less remote regions in Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe, Eurasia.
  • Reviews of Books / Abstracts includes reviews of significant works by Bulgarian and foreign authors. Reviews of Bulgarian books allow not only the Bulgarian audience, but also the foreign specialists who do not know the Bulgarian language to acquaint themselves with the achievements of the Bulgarian scholars.

The aim of the editorial team is to continue the good traditions of the long presence of Bulgarian Historical Review in the field of Bulgarian historical science by publishing the results of research on new topics and by supporting the use of new approaches; to impose the journal as a leader in acquainting foreign language audience with the development and achievements of today's Bulgarian historiography; to turn it into an attractive center for foreign scientists to present the results of their research on its pages.

Review Process: Bulgarian Historical Review operates a double-blind peer-review process by checklist. Reviewers can be experts from both Bulgaria and abroad. Editors consider the peer reviewers’ reports and make the final decision to accept or reject the manuscript for publication. A leading criterion in the publication of a given material is its significance for the development of scientific knowledge and its academic contribution, not the career development of the author.

Reviews are verified in Web of Science.